Clear Aligners starting at $1,400

Straighten your teeth the clear way!

That's why this Black Friday we are making it easy to get the smile you've always wanted. From now until November 27th, you can save BIG on Clear Aligner Treatment.

Clear Aligner Express Treatment

  • $1,400* + free retainers

Clear Aligner Treatment

  • $2,750* + free retainers

*A Risas Orthodontist will determine which treatment is needed for each patient. Terms and conditions apply. Must be paid in full. 

Clear Aligners vs Clear Aligners Express - What's the Difference?

Our Clear Aligners Express treatment is for patients who only need quick fixes to their teeth, and will require less than 20 clear aligner trays. Regular Clear Aligner treatment, which is the most common, is for patients who require a longer treatment time to fix more complicated bite and alignment issues. Your Risas Orthodontist will determine which treatment plan is right for you.

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Why Clear Aligners?

Clear Aligners are a great option for those looking to straighten their smile without attracting too much attention to their teeth. One of our certified orthodontists will create a custom treatment plan after getting a 3D scan of your teeth. You will receive a set of trays and be instructed to change them out every few weeks. These will put gradual pressure on your teeth to achieve the perfect smile.

Unlike braces, where you are limited with what you can eat, you can pop your retainers out every time you eat and keep enjoying all your favorite foods. They are easier to clean and you can be confident about your smile without worrying about wires and brackets. With our Clear Aligner treatment, you will have supervision from a certified orthodontist every step of the way, which many at home clear aligner solutions lack. Patient satisfaction guaranteed!