Expose and Bond

Expose and Bond  - $1,249*

Exposing and bonding a bracket on to an unerupted tooth helps move the tooth into a good functional & aesthetic position.

First, the patient will be sedated. Once the patient is comfortable and relaxed the doctor will proceed to make any baby teeth extractions if any are needed. The doctor will then proceed to expose the tooth with a laser in order to attach a small chain to the unexposed tooth. The other end of the chain will be bonded to a bracket. The last step is to close the gums with stitches. The stitches will heal and dissolve on their own over time.

The patient will have to visit the orthodontist periodically to adjust the chain and help expose the tooth. Sedation is included in the price.


*Includes 20% discount when paid in full, with membership, and $300 minimum treatment

I haven't been to a dentist in a very long time, I was super nervous and embarrassed. Vanessa really made me feel comfortable and Dr Miller was fabulous. I can't wait to start my treatment!!

Kim B.


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All new patients qualify for a $10 exam & X-ray. 

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