Frenectomy - $343*

A frenectomy is the removal of a frenum, which is a small fold of tissue in the mouth.  There are two types of frena that might make you a candidate for a frenectomy. The lingual frenum, which connects the tongue with the floor of the mouth and the labial frenum, which connects the inside of your upper or lower lips to your gums.

The procedure consists of making an incision to cut the frenum with scalpel or scissors and release it. A local anesthetic will be used. Depending on how much tissue was removed the doctor will suture with stitches. The stitches will heal and dissolve on their own.


*Includes 20% discount when paid in full, with membership and $300 minimum treatment

I went in feeling a little nervous since I have no dental insurance and I knew I needed work. Walking in the staff was super friendly and helpful. I was seen the same day by Dr. Lewis and his assistant Yulie and they explained what work I needed and payment plan options. Overall I'm glad I went in and I highly recomend them to anyone that thinks they can't afford to see a dentist because they make it possible.

Esther M.


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