Ceramic Bridges

A bridge is a natural looking restoration attached to the teeth next to a missing tooth which usually consists of three-units but can be up to five-units. A bridge is supported by two crowns or abutments that are placed on the teeth adjacent to the gap. The artificial tooth replacing the missing tooth is called pontic.

On the first visit, the doctor will numb the area and remove any decay. Then he will shape the teeth from which the bridge will be hanging with a hand piece. Afterward, the doctor will take an impression which will be used to make a mold of the patient’s mouth to create a bridge that fits the mouth perfectly. The patient will have a temporary bridge while the permanent is being created. On the next visit, the doctor will check the fit and cement the permanent bridge.

Three Unit Bridge - $1,617*

Pontic - $695* per unit

Abutment Ceramic - $647* per unit


*Includes 20% discount when paid in full, with membership and $300 minimum treatment

Today I saw Dr. Shaw and his assistant Michelle and I can honestly saw that they took care of me so well the service was so much better than any dentist I have seen. Definitely looking forward to keep coming back for all my dental visits.

Adriana C.


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