Porcelain Crown - $599*

A crown replaces the entire external form of a tooth, down to the gum level.

First, the doctor will remove any decay and shape the tooth with a handpiece. Then the doctor will go ahead and take an impression of the patient’s teeth. The lab uses this impression to make a mold of the patient’s mouth which will be used to make a crown that precisely fits the patient’s tooth and bite. While the crown is in the lab the patient will have a temporary crown which will be removed when the actual crown is set.

Dental Implant Crown - $959*

A dental implant crown is a special type of crown custom-made to be supported by an implant. An implant replaces the root of a missing tooth or a tooth that needs to be removed and has to be surgically placed. The crown serves as the new tooth.


*Includes 20% discount when paid in full, with membership and $300 minimum treatment

I'm new to Arizona and so needed to find a dentist. Risas is right next to the Walgreens where I shop. So I tried it.I am extremely happy. The dentist, Dr. Lewis, is very gentle and works quickly and thouroughly. I needed a crown. They took the impression with 3D imagery. It was the best fit ever. There was no need to file it down or adjust it in any way. It feels natural and comfortable.  And the price is much less than with most dentists.I highly recommend Risas Dental.

Janet C.


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All new patients qualify for a $10 exam & X-ray. 

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