Full Mouth Whitening Trays - $229

Gel Fills - $39

First, the doctor will check the health of the patient’s teeth and repair any damage if any, after that impressions are taken. From the impressions, plastic trays are created which the patient will use at home with special whitening gels. The patient will place a small amount of whitening gels on the front surface of the trays and place them over their teeth. Depending on what the doctor believes is best, the patient has to wear the trays for an hour a day or overnight for two weeks.


Came for the Labor of Love event where a choice of free X-rays, dental exams, fillings, cleanings or extractions were offered. Doors opened at 8 am and arrived at 6:45am to be 60th in line. They cutoff around 80 & anyone who arrived by 8 was guaranteed a free appt to schedule at another date. Free donuts and burritos were offered, along with a bounce house for kids, face painting and waters. The staff has all been friendly and efficient. My novacaine is kicking in & they give you incentives to get the word out about their services. So here I am so I can get my name entered for a free sonicare electronic toothbrush raffle. Seems like a clean and knowledgeable staff thus far. Now for my filling...

N. R.


Hours of Operation

Monday - Saturday 9am - 8pm

All new patients qualify for a $10 exam & X-ray. 

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