Mother's Day Makeover - Nominations are Closed


Risas Dental is giving away a FREE dental makeover to one mom at each of our dental offices for Mother's Day. Mom's put their health needs aside to take care of others and now its time we give back. We have all been through especially hard times this past year and moms being the superheroes they are, have gone above and beyond. 

Mother's Day Makeover Terms & Conditions:

Nominations will be accepted beginning April 16th at 9:00am PT and until April 30th at 12:00pm PT. 

    • Winners will be notified by May 7th.
    • Applicants/nominees must be moms age 18 and over. 
    • Winners may not necessarily receive all procedures desired or needed. Limitations can include time, resources, and necessary clinical decisions, expertise, and experience. 
    • All winners must commit to taking before, after, and progress pictures and/or video for use by Risas Dental internally and externally for marketing purposes. This may also include a video interview. 
    • Risas Dental and Braces Oral Surgeon is NOT included in this dental makeover.
    • Risas reserves the right to use any criteria it determines in its sole and complete discretion in selecting the patients eligible for free dental services.  Risas will make every attempt to select patients who are in most need of free treatment. Risas asks all applicants to recognize the limitations Risas has based on time and resources.