Orthodontic treatment is an exciting step toward bettering your smile’s health and appearance. Because all of our offices have a licensed and certified orthodontist, you can receive your orthodontic care in the same office. No more long trips to see the orthodontist. We’re all under one roof! There are no gimmicks or disclaimers with this program. Our goal is to lower the barriers so that more people can enjoy the beautiful smile they’ve always wanted.

To begin treatment, your mouth must be healthy. This means that you will need a cavity clearance card from the past six months from your dentist or have an exam and x-rays done at Risas (only $10 for new patients) to make sure that you are ready for braces. Any broken, worn or missing teeth, cavities, and periodontal disease present must be controlled before braces can be placed.

When your mouth is healthy, your treatment will begin with a comprehensive orthodontic consultation to assess your teeth, bite, and jaw. Photographs will be taken of your face and profile and x-rays will be taken of your teeth to determine the position of your teeth and their roots. These will help the orthodontist design a treatment plan specifically for you and give you a time frame for the treatment.

Treatment will vary for everyone but usually last from 18-36 months. The time will all depend on the complexity of your case, how well your teeth and mouth respond to the treatment, and how well you follow your orthodontist’s instructions.

Come see us. We’d be happy to answer any and all of your questions!

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All new patients qualify for a $10 exam & X-ray. 

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