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Motion 3D Bite Correction

What is Motion 3D?

Motion 3D is revolutionizing the way that we approach orthodontic treatment. This advanced technology, that will replace the first phase of treatment, is fast, effective, and the most aesthetic option. Unlike with traditional orthodontic treatments, where the bite is corrected last, Motion 3D corrects the bite first at the beginning of your treatment. This reduces your treatment time, meaning less time in braces or aligners.

Every orthodontic case is different but the average time in Motion 3D is usually between 3-6 months. When your bite is moved to it's desired position, your orthodontist will then transition you to braces or clear aligners for the remainder of your treatment. Motion 3D is included in the price of your orthodontic treatment.

Class II Bite Correction (Overbite)

Class III Bite Correction (Underbite)

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