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Braces Debond

You are finally done with your braces treatment and you are now ready to show off your new and improved smile. Now that you are done with your orthodontic treatment your dentist will debond your braces. Debonding is the removal of the cemented orthodontics brackets on your teeth.

What can I expect?

You can expect your debond appointment to last about an hour. Pliers will be used to remove the brackets and wires and your teeth will polish to remove any of the glue that is left on your teeth. Getting your braces taken off is painless, although you may feel a little pressure when your brackets are being removed.

When all of the braces and glue have been removed, many patients describe their teeth as feeling slimy. Your gums may feel a little sore or inflamed but that should go away after a couple of days.

After the removal of your braces, you will receive your retainers to make sure that your teeth stay in place. You will notice that your teeth are a lot easier to clean but you should always give them the same time and attention to ensure that they stay healthy.

Braces debond is included in the price of treatment for patients who received treatment with Risas. For patients coming from another office and only want their braces off, debonding is $485.

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