Dentistry Before & After Pictures

Molly came to Risas with large cavities in multiple teeth. We were able to save her top back teeth and provide her with a deep cleaning and some fillings. We removed her front top teeth and gave her a partial denture for the teeth that could not be saved.

Sugey came to us wanting to fix the grey spots on her front teeth. We provided her with a deep cleaning and two crowns on her front teeth. She also needed another filling, one root canal and two crowns on back teeth. She now has an improved self-esteem and noticed that she smiles more now.

Joel arrived at Risas Dental with a few missing teeth. We provided him with a new bridge for the two missing upper teeth. He now has a healthy smile.

Lorenzo came to us with existing gold crowns on his upper front teeth. We provided him with new crowns on the upper front teeth for a brighter and whiter smile.

After coming to Risas Dental we completed crowns on the front four teeth for Mayra. Space was left between the two center teeth to keep an ideal size and shape. The space will be closed in the future using orthodontic treatment.


My son had a horrible toothache. We decided to give Risas dental a try. They were great. They got him in the next day. He needed a root-canal, crown and a couple of fillings.  They were able to set him up on a payment plan. He hasn't had much pain from the root-canal. I was in more pain sitting there listening to the drill then he was . I would definitely recommend this place.

Monica T.


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