Experience a New Kind of Workplace!

The number one way our teammates describe working for Risas is fun. Our positive work environment starts with fostering a culture of care and support. We treat each other like family and cultivate an environment of growth, achievement, passionate purpose, and positive energy. With these core values in place, we are able to provide our patients with an exceptional experience, while focusing on the wellbeing of our teammates.

Mission: Provide great, affordable dentistry for underserved, hard-working families 


Vision: Be the best damn dental group in the world!

Positive Energy

We create an environment where everyone has fun and enjoys going to work everyday. We encourage our teammates to lift each other up and celebrate each other’s successes and milestones. Every morning begins with a morning huddle to build morale and foster a sense of teamwork.

Caring 2nd Family

Our Caring 2nd Family Culture is what our teammates love most about working at Risas. We believe teammates and patients should be treated with respect, kindness and understanding. We live by the philosophy of always assuming good intentions and being quick to resolve conflicts and forgive. 


To be the best damn dental group in the world, we must always strive for excellence. We take on challenging tasks with confidence and we recognize effort, progress, and perseverance. Recognition is key to drive forward growth for teammates as individuals and as a team.

Growth Mindset

We always advocate for career development and growth. Teammates are empowered to seek feedback, coaching, and training. We encourage teammates to take informed risks and learn from mistakes. Everyday is a new opportunity for growth. Resources and opportunities are provided to help each teammate reach their full potential.
Risas Dental Culture

Passionate Purpose

We are passionate about providing quality care to improve the lives of our patients. We take pride in offering bilingual offering bilingual services in English and Spanish, convenient hours, and a 5-minute wait promise. We demonstrate generosity and compassion as a commitment to always go above and beyond for our patients.

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