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Labor of Love 2021

Since 2011, Labor of Love was created as a way for us to give back to our communities. We know now, more than ever, people could use a little help. That’s why we are continuing the tradition and providing free treatment at all Risas offices every year.

Labor of Love 2021

Treated 1205 patients
Provided over $500k in free treatment

Thank you to everyone who helped us celebrate 10 years of going the extra mile for every smile.

Labor of love - risas dental 1

Patients Choose

Patients can choose 1 of the following treatment options:

Basic Cleaning

Basic cleanings consists of getting rid of hardened tartar (calculus), plaque, and stains that have stuck on the teeth. This type of cleaning is best for individuals that need only to maintain their oral health.


Composite fillings are used to treat dental decay or cavities. The composite material, made of a mixture of fine glass and plastic, is tooth-colored and leaves a more natural appearance.

Simple Extraction

There are many reasons that a tooth extraction may be necessary- tooth decay, infection, orthodontics, wisdom teeth troubles, dental implants, and more.

Exam & X-Ray

The exam is to evaluate your overall health and oral hygiene. A dental x-ray allows the dentist to see detailed images of the patient’s mouth and anything that could be wrong and not visible to the eye.
We'll also be offering free orthodontics consultations for any patients interested in braces or clear aligner treatment.
Risas will take all reasonable precautions on labor day to prevent the spread of COVID-19. Risas and its doctors and teammates are trained in following all protocols published by local and national health officials. In order to facilitate a safe event, the following will be strictly followed.
If a patient with an appointment has any COVID-19 symptoms by the time of the appointment, the patient will be rescheduled to received free treatment on a later day.

Risas reserves the right to modify or change its policies to ensure the safety of patients, doctors, or teammates. Any modifications to the plans for the Labor of Love event may be made with or without notice to all teammates, patients, or participants.
Terms and Conditions
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