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Tooth Extractions - Dental Visit - Risas Dental

There are many reasons that a tooth extraction may be necessary- tooth decay, infection, orthodontics, wisdom teeth troubles, dental implants, and more. Regardless of your individual needs, our Risas dentists are here to help.

There are two types of extractions- Simple extractions and surgical extractions. Knowing which of the two you need will help you to prepare both physically and mentally for your procedure and out-of-pocket costs. In order to determine the type of extraction you will need, your dentist will need to look at an X-ray of your tooth.

Simple Extractions

Simple Extractions are performed on teeth that are fully visible and erupted into your mouth. These types of extractions are often necessary on teeth with large cavities, infection, bone loss, or orthodontic purposes.
Recovery time is often shorter for simple extractions, requiring only a day or two of downtime. Pain can be managed with prescription or over-the-counter pain medication. Your Risas dentist will assess your individual needs after your procedure.

Surgical Extractions

Surgical extractions are those involving teeth that have not fully erupted or are not fully visible in the mouth. This includes teeth that are partially still in the bone. These types of extractions are often required on wisdom teeth, adult teeth that are still under the gums, some orthodontic extractions, and other cases.
Surgical extractions require more extensive treatment and therefore have longer recovery times. Some patients choose to have some type of dental sedation for this type of extraction and may need to be referred to an Oral Surgeon. The amount of downtime required can be determined by your dentist depending on your individual treatment.


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Simple Extraction

Performed on teeth that are fully visible.
Risas Dental Home of the $3,000 Braces

Surgical Extraction

Starting at
Performed on teeth that are not fully visible or erupted.
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