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We offer three types of partial dentures.

Flexible - The first and most used would be a flexible partial denture. The first step is to take an impression of the patient's mouth to create an accurate model. The lab uses this model to create a wax replica of the final denture.The patient will try the wax replica and any changes needed to the fit of the base and color, shape, and placement of the teeth will be made. The wax replica is then sent back to the lab to create a final version. When the partial is ready the patient will try it on and any adjustments will be made.

Metal - The second type is a metal partial denture which is constructed around a cast metal framework. The first step is to take an impression that will be used to create an accurate model. The lab uses the model to create a wax replica. The patient will try this and any changes needed will be made before creating the final version of the partial. The teeth are attached to a gum-colored acrylic base and are connected through a metal framework that is specifically molded to fit each patient.

Acrylic - The third type of partial is an acrylic partial. The main difference between the metal and acrylic partial is the material they are made from. Plates made from acrylic resin are compatible with dentures that require an artificial gumline because the material can be tinted to resemble the patient's natural gum color. The process to make an acrylic partial is similar to that of a metal partial.


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Risas Dental Home of the $3,000 Braces


Risas Dental Home of the $3,000 Braces


Risas Dental Home of the $3,000 Braces


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