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Now Offering Children's Dentistry

At Risas, your child’s smile and safety are our priority, from their first few baby teeth to braces. We are here every step of the way. We believe everyone deserves a healthy smile and aim to be as affordable as possible.

Risas is proud to now offer children's dentistry in Phoenix at our first Risas Kids Dental office! We have flexible early morning and after-school appointment options, in addition to normal business hours. Be sure to visit the location page above for exact hours.

To welcome new patients, we’re offering a $79 bundle that includes: an exam, x-rays, cleaning, and fluoride.

Call (888)321-0029 To Schedule

Benefits with Risas Kids

Payment Options

Our prices are 30-40% lower than other providers, and we offer payment plans without credit checks and accept most insurances.

Free Exams

Children under the age of 2 receive free exams.
Received a treatment plan for your child from another dentist and need a second opinion? We’re here to help. Second opinions are always free.

Experience better dental care for the whole family today!

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you offer second opinions?
Yes, we offer free second opinions on all treatment plans from other providers within 90 days.
How much is an exam?
Exams for all children under two years of age are free. All other new patient exams and x-rays are just $10 without insurance. With insurance, it varies based on your plan.
What insurance do you take?
We accept most insurance. You can verify your plan here.
Do you take emergency visits?
Yes, emergencies will always be addressed the same day you call. To schedule call 888-321-0029.
Will my child be sedated?
If your child needs to be put to sleep for their dental care, this will be done by a dental anesthesiologist who will come into our office.
What is the ideal age for a kid’s first visit?
The American Academy of Dental Practice (AADP) recommends by age 1 or 6 months after eruption of the first tooth.

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