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How To Make the First Tooth Fairy Visit Magical

It’s a special milestone for a child when they lose their first tooth. After all, it officially puts them on the path to becoming a “big kid”. There’s nothing more exciting than the first visit from the Tooth Fairy. If your little one is eagerly awaiting the big day and you want to plan ahead for the Tooth Fairy's arrival, keep reading!

Here, at Risas Dental, we are just as excited as you are for this special day and we've put together this fun guide to help make your child's first encounter with the Tooth Fairy magical, memorable, and special.

Where Does the Legend of the Tooth Fairy Come From?

The legend of the Tooth Fairy is just as mysterious as the Tooth Fairy themself and the exact origin is unknown. However, some "Tooth Fairy Experts" believe that the legend may stem from an 18th-century French children's book called "La Bonne Petite Souris [The Little Mouse]." In this story, a fairy helps save a queen from an evil king by turning into a mouse and hiding under the king's pillow.

During this period in history, children would sometimes hide their lost teeth in shoes and wake up to a treat or a gold coin. In the United States, the Tooth Fairy started showing up at children's homes sometime during the early 1900s. Over time, the different traditions of people around the world created the Tooth Fairy we know and love today!

What Time Should the Tooth Fairy “Visit” Your House?

The Tooth Fairy usually schedules their home visits for about an hour after the child's bedtime. This helps ensure that the little one has drifted off to dreamland and is not laying awake to catch a glimpse of the elusive and magical Tooth Fairy. For children who tend to wake up easily, the Tooth Fairy may opt to leave their special gift on a bedside table or dresser instead of beneath a pillow.

tooth fairys first visit

What’s the Going Rate for the Tooth Fairy?

Tooth Fairy payments vary from state to state and the average rate in the United States is around $4.57 per tooth. Sometimes, the Tooth Fairy gets a little help from parents to increase the payments with some kids receiving up to $50 per tooth! Also, the Tooth Fairy might be willing to pay a little extra for a child's very first lost tooth as these teeth are considered highly valuable.

Does the Tooth Fairy Have To Give Money?

In addition to money, the Tooth Fairy is known to leave special gifts. Some of the Tooth Fairy's most memorable gifts include stickers, Tooth Fairy certificates, stuffed animals, gift cards, and travel-size toothbrushes and toothpaste. For gifts that are too big to fit beneath
the pillow, the Tooth Fairy may designate parents as official gift-givers and leave the larger presents with them. Here are some popular gift alternatives to money:

  • Art supplies
  • Small calendars to document every lost tooth and Tooth Fairy visit
  • Personalized letters signed by the Tooth Fairy
  • Tooth Fairy "receipts"
  • Tooth Fairy wands

3 Creative Tooth Fairy Ideas Kids Love

The days before the Tooth Fairy's first visit are exciting and it's important to give them a warm welcome. Here are some fun and creative ideas to help your child prepare for the Tooth Fairy's arrival:

  • Tooth Fairy Map: Create a map using colored paints or markers, construction paper, sparkly glue sticks, and glitter to help the Tooth Fairy find your child's bedroom. You can place the map at the Tooth Fairy's designated entrance, such as a front door or window on the evening of the big event.
  • Welcome Gift: Everyone loves a gift, even the Tooth Fairy! Put together a small welcome package with a travel-sized toothbrush and toothpaste. Your child can put the gift in a colored gift bag with lots of confetti and the Tooth Fairy might accidentally leave a trail of confetti after their visit.
  • Tooth Fairy Pillow or Pouch: The Tooth Fairy will truly appreciate it if your little one's tooth is neatly packed and ready to go upon their arrival. You can create a DIY tooth pouch with a mini satin gift bag or purchase a Tooth Fairy pillow designed with a pocket to specifically hold baby teeth. Place these items beneath your child's pillow to welcome the Tooth Fairy in style.

If you'd like to schedule a dental visit or if you have any questions or concerns about your child's loose or lost tooth, the teammates at Risas Dental are happy to assist. Schedule an appointment today with one of our fun and caring doctors.

Frequently Asked Questions

What does the Tooth Fairy do with all the teeth they collect?

The Tooth Fairy is very secretive about what they do with all of the teeth they collect so nobody really knows. Some legends say that the Tooth Fairy uses newly collected teeth to make beautiful jewelry, while other stories say the Tooth Fairy uses teeth to build a magical castle. Sometimes, the Tooth Fairy is kind enough to leave a child's teeth with their parents for safekeeping.

When do kids lose baby teeth?

Children usually start losing their baby teeth around age 6, with the last ones falling out by age 12. But the exact ages can vary from child to child. Your child may start losing teeth earlier due to issues such as tooth decay or accidents that loosen the teeth— or it may simply take a little longer for them to shed their last few baby teeth.

How long do most kids believe in the Tooth Fairy?

While the specific age which a child stops believing in the Tooth Fairy can vary, most kids start to suspect that the Tooth Fairy might actually be their parents by around age 7 or 8. However, children typically shed their final baby teeth around age 12, which means your kid may hold out hope until they collect their final Tooth Fairy payment!

What is the Tooth Fairy's name?

Nobody knows the Tooth Fairy's true name except the Tooth Fairy themself. However, they might be willing to share it with your child. When your little one places their tooth under their pillow, they can also leave a nice note for the Tooth Fairy asking their name. They might just wake up to a magical response!

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