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Composite fillings are used to treat dental decay or cavities. The composite material, made of a mixture of fine glass and plastic, is tooth-colored and leaves a more natural appearance than traditional amalgam “metal” fillings. Composite fillings provide durability and resistance to fractures for small to medium-sized cavities and can be used in both the front teeth and back teeth. 

Each tooth in your mouth has 5 surfaces. Depending on the size and location of the cavity, a filling may be required on multiple surfaces of the same tooth. Therefore, fillings are broken down by surfaces and charged to you and your insurance company accordingly.

Filling Options at Risas Dental

During the filling procedure, your Risas dentist will complete several steps to perfect your filling. Fillings often, but not always, require local anesthesia to numb the area before the procedure begins. First, your dentist will remove any decay and shape the tooth in preparation for the filling. The area is then primed with a special solution that allows the filling to bond strongly to the tooth.
The composite material is then placed in the tooth, shaped to have a natural appearance, then hardened using a state-of-the-art dental UV light. The filling is often placed in multiple thin layers to improve strength and durability.

Once the tooth is filled, the hardened composite filling will be shaped to look and feel natural in your mouth. Your bite will be adjusted to prevent discomfort or fracture of the filling.


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Single Surface Filling

One Surface Anterior White Filling
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Four or More Surfaces Posterior White Filling
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