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Dental implants are one replacement option for a missing tooth or teeth. The implant process has a total of 3 pieces required to fully replace and restore an individual missing tooth.

Screw: The implant screw is a titanium post that is placed in the bone to replace the roots of the tooth. This part of the implant remains under the gumline, inside of your jawbone.
Abutment: The abutment is a metal or ceramic “cap” that is engaged into the top of the implant screw and pops up out of the gumline. The purpose of the abutment is to provide structure for the implant crown to be placed.
Crown: The implant crown, much like a regular crown, is used to restore the look and function of the regular tooth. It allows for chewing and support of adjacent teeth.
Dental implants are nearly 98% effective when properly cared for, and can last a lifetime. There are multiple steps in the completion of the dental implant process, which can take a total of 6 months or more to fully restore the tooth. During this time, your Risas Dentist can go over temporary replacement options for cosmetic purposes if you desire.

While the implant screw is placed by an Oral Surgeon, the abutment and implant crown will be completed by your Dentist.
Implants may also be used to restore multiple missing teeth.


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