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After your braces treatment is over, you will have to use a retainer to maintain the new position of your teeth. Your orthodontist will advise you, regarding your individual case, which retainer is right for you. They will instruct you on the amount of time and frequency in which you must wear your retainer. Wearing your retainer as instructed will help your teeth to stay in their ideal position. After your braces are off, your teeth will try to move back to their original position, this is called relapse. Retainers will protect your orthodontic investment and all of your hard work.

There are three types of retainers that Risas Dental offers: Hawley, Essix, and Permanent. The two most popular types of retainers are Hayley and Essix. Both are removable and should be taken out to eat, drink (drinking water with them on is ok), and brush.
Retainers Risas Dental
Essix Retainers- These retainers are very esthetic and comfortable because of the invisible, thin, flexible plastic.  However, this kind may need to be replaced if not handled with care.
Hawley Retainer- These retainers are more durable because of the metal wires and thick, rigid plastic.  Hawley retainers take some time to get used to since some patients may find them to be a little more unaesthetic, uncomfortable, and difficult to speak with.
Permanent Retainers- These retainers are a thin metal wire glued to the back of your front top and bottom teeth. These retainers are only able to be removed by the orthodontist or an assistant at the dental office. Not everyone is a candidate for permanent retainers. Your orthodontist will advise you regarding your individual case which retainer is  right for you.

Taking care of your retainers

Follow these care instructions to avoid losing or damaging your retainers. Taking proper care of your retainers will allow them to last a long time and keep your teeth in place.

  1. Store them properly- To prevent breaking them or losing them, your retainers should be kept in the hard case given to you on the same day you received the retainers. Write your name, address, and phone number on the case to increase the chances of your retainers being returned to you if you ever lose them.
  2. Avoid pockets and napkins- The most common way people break their retainers is by stuffing them into their pockets without the case.  The retainers will break as soon as you sit down! The most common way people lose their retainers is by wrapping them in napkins during meal times.  The retainers will look like trash and be thrown away or forgotten as soon as you clean the table or leave the restaurant.
  3. Avoid heat- We use heat to make the retainers, so heat will destroy them too.  Keep them away from hot water, hair irons, clothes irons, heaters, stoves, etc.  Do not forget them in your hot car or in the laundry machines. Do not boil them or clean them in the dishwasher.
  4. Keep them away from pets and children- Both Essix and Hawley retainers will not withstand the chomp of a dog’s teeth or the stomp of a child’s feet. Keep them out of their reach.
  5. Not adjust them yourself- Never try to adjust or alter any parts of the retainer by yourself. Come into one of our offices and the orthodontist will help get them back to what they are supposed to look and feel like.
  6. Brush your retainers daily- Use cold water mixed with hand soap or dish soap.  You can also brush them with a non-alcoholic mouthwash (like Listerine Zero, about $6.00 for X ozs at Walmart).  Do not use toothpaste to clean the retainers; it will scratch and fog the plastic.
  7. Soak your retainers at least once a week- Use cold water with cleaning tablets specifically made for dental appliances (like Efferdent, about $6.00 for 120 tablets at Walmart).  This will help eliminate odors and kill bacteria to deep clean and refresh your retainers.
  8. Avoid harsh cleaners- Do not use alcoholic mouthwash, Clorox, Windex, or any other toxic household cleansers on your retainers. They can damage the plastic and corrode the wires.


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