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Grin Virtual Appointments

We are excited to offer teledentistry to our braces and clear aligner patients! Straighten your smile with less time in the dental chair. Our new Grin Scope and app allow you to stay in constant communication with your doctor from anywhere.

Leading To:
Half the office visits
Shorter treatment times
Better treatment outcomes
More communication with your Doctor
Grin Teledentistry

Watch this quick video to learn more

What is Grin?
The Grin device attaches to your smartphone and is used to take scans of your teeth to share with your Doctor. It is reusable and can be cleaned easily in a dishwasher.
What is self scan?
Scans are taken on your smart phone using the Grin Scope.
Scan instructions and tutorials are available in the Grin app.
How do I chat with my Doctor?
You can message and update your Doctor at any time through the Grin app. You will receive login instructions from your orthodontic team at your appointment.

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