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Specials and Offers

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Risas Dental and Braces also allows certain qualified individuals the opportunity to receive their dental and orthodontic treatment at an even lower cost than our already low fees. Contact Risas Dental and Braces for more information.

Learn more about exclusive programs like $100 Braces, Risas Friends and Family to see exactly how Risas is turning the dental industry on its head and making quality dental care available to everyone!

Free Dental Day

Risas is the fastest growing dental practice in the country. With multiple locations already in Arizona, Colorado, Texas, and Nevada, Risas will be entering new markets very soon. Each office’s grand opening is celebrated with a day of free dental work. This is an opportunity to meet neighbors and bless hundreds of lives.

Labor of Love

Every Labor Day, every Risas location opens its doors to the community to provide free dental work. Since the inception of the program, Risas and its staff have provided millions of dollars worth of quality dental care. Check our Facebook and Twitter feeds for details as the day approaches.

Pricing & Offers

Risas Dental & Braces

Hours of Operation

Monday – Saturday 9am – 8pm

$10 Exam & X-ray

All new patients qualify for a $10 exam & X-ray. 

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