Implant Placement - $1,599*

An implant replaces a tooth that is missing or a tooth that can’t be saved.  There are many factors that affect the time frame in which an implant procedure can be completed. When using the traditional method, an implant can take about 5-6 months to be completed.

First, the doctor will numb the area and make the extraction (if needed). Then he will proceed to reshape the extraction site to fit the body of the implant and place the implant into to bone. He will then close the incision with stitches. After the healing process has passed, a second procedure will be performed. The doctor will make another incision to expose the implant and place a healing cap. The healing cap helps the surrounding gum tissue heal. After a few weeks, the healing cap will be removed and the abutment and crown will be placed.

You will have to visit your general practitioner to place the abutment. The abutment is an extension to the implant that is needed to place the crown. A temporary tooth will be placed by your dentist while your permanent crown is ready.

Both the abutment and crown are done by your dentist and not the oral surgeon. Implant placement is only performed at our oral surgeon office in Phoenix. Sedation is not included.

Dental Implant Crown - $959*

Abutment - $503*


*Includes 20% discount when paid in full, with membership and $300 minimum treatment

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All new patients qualify for a $10 exam & X-ray. 

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