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Searching for your child's dentist

Searching for your child's dentist can feel overwhelming, especially when it is for your child. This is understandably a difficult choice since your child’s first dentist should help set the foundation for building positive dental care habits for their lifetime. You may have questions such as, “can I take my children to the same dentist I visit?,” “how will they ease my child’s fear of the dentist?”, or “how am I going to pay for my child’s dental care?” But don’t stress, we’re here to offer a few ideas of what you should be looking for to find the best dental provider for your child.

  1. Look for a dentist who only treats children.
    This will mean that the doctor has specialized equipment and staff to work with them. These doctors will understand children’s behaviors and are more patient and understanding with them. Usually, a specialized children’s dentist will have additional training beyond dental school that will help make your child’s experience the best possible.
  2. Find an office with a positive atmosphere.
    A children’s dental office should provide an environment that’s welcoming and fun so that your child can feel more at ease before going into the exam room. Ask about what activities or distractions the office provides to make the child comfortable the minute they walk into the office.
  3. Ask for references or online reviews.
    It’s always a good sign if you can find reviews online, or even better if you know someone who can share their experience with you. If the office you’re looking at doesn’t have reviews, ask for them.
  4. The dentist and staff should promote good habits.
    You want to find a doctor who will guide your child to build good hygiene habits from an early age to improve their oral health for a lifetime. It’s always easier to prevent dental issues than it is to treat them. A simple examination will help the doctor recommend the best preventative care for your child.
  5. Check for qualifications and licenses.
    Make sure you are visiting a professional doctor who is specialized in what they do and has experience in the field. Never be shy to ask a doctor if you can see their certifications.
  6. Look at what payment options are available.
    It’s important to find a doctor who is willing to work within your current financial status. Verify they accept your child’s insurance, ask if they offer any cash or pay in full discounts, and see if they offer in-house payment plans.

    At Risas Kids Dental, you can be sure that you will find all of the above. We will do our best to make you feel part of Risa's family so that you and your child have the best dental experience.
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