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How to Keep Your Smile Healthy Through the Holidays

October marks the beginning of the holiday season, with Halloween, Thanksgiving, and of course Christmas. That usually means celebrating with lots of eating, especially candies and sugary desserts. We’re not here to tell you not to indulge, but how to indulge wisely.
Consider these tips to help keep your mouth healthy during the holiday season:

  1. Try to eat the sweets right after your meal
    When you’re eating, your saliva production increases, and this helps to eliminate bacteria acids produced in your mouth. Saliva also helps to rinse away leftover food particles.
  2. Pick the right snacks
    Some of the popular holiday snacks can be harmful to your teeth, especially when wearing braces. Dried fruits tend to be very sticky and will stay on your teeth longer than other foods. Hard candy and nuts on the other hand are snacks that can cause a broken or chipped tooth if you’re not careful. One of our favorite healthy candies is Zollipops.
  3. Don’t overdo it with desserts
    Be mindful of the amount of sugar consumption so that your teeth aren’t exposed to too much of it. A lot of desserts can be very starchy and tend to leave food particles trapped between your teeth, so remember to floss.
  4. Keep up your oral hygiene routine
    If you ignore all our other suggestions, at least stick to this one. Brush and floss at least twice a day, pack a to-go toothbrush and toothpaste if you can. If finding a time and place to brush isn’t always possible, chew on sugar-free gum to produce more saliva and help get food particles out.
  5. Drink more water
    Whenever possible, try switching out sugary drinks for water to decrease sugar intake. If you still decide to have that sweet beverage, also include a glass of water so the sugar doesn’t stay stuck on your teeth.
  6. Avoid using your teeth to open candy or gift wrappers
    If you are having trouble opening that treat or present, look for scissors or another tool, but please avoid using your teeth. Using your teeth for something like this can be very damaging and result in a chipped tooth or losing enamel.

Prevention is key, so don't forget to visit your dentist either before or after the holiday season. Schedule an appointment with us!

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