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Why Summer’s the Best Time For Getting Braces 

Getting braces is an exciting adventure for anyone who wants a straighter and healthier smile. However, most people don’t realize there is a lifestyle change that happens when you first get braces. When considering the adjustment period, which usually lasts for a couple of weeks, summer is the ideal time to take the first step into your life-changing smile transformation. 

Things to Consider When Getting Braces

Summer months typically offer more flexibility when scheduling appointments and adjusting to any initial discomfort that can be expected when first getting braces. Paired with fewer academic and extracurricular commitments, it can be easier to accommodate necessary orthodontics appointments without extra stress. 
Patients getting braces for the first time are often surprised by the various changes to their routine. Some changes patients can experience are: 

Soreness: It is normal to experience some soreness the first few days after first getting braces. It means your braces are working! Your body just isn’t used to having metal in your mouth, and there’s a lot of pressure on your teeth, gums, and jaw. However, this is not a reason to be afraid of or avoid getting braces, and there are many ways to relieve pain and make your smile transformation more comfortable including oral anesthetics, pain medication, ice packs…and did we mention ice cream? 

Eating: While eating certain foods can be challenging due to soreness, that’s not the only challenge with eating. Learning how to eat with braces on your teeth is hard to understand until you’ve experienced it for yourself! Initially, it can be intimidating to bite down on harder foods when you are learning how strong or fragile your brackets, wires, and bands are. Eating becomes much easier once you get past the initial adjustment.  

Speaking: Have you ever tried saying a sentence with something in your mouth? That’s kind of what having braces is like. It’s common for some patients to produce more saliva during their initial adjustment, as they are adapting to a new object in their mouth, but this is not permanent. Additionally, it can be difficult to enunciate some letters without some practice. 

Getting Braces in the summer-

Is getting braces hard to get used to?

While all these factors can be intimidating, it is important to remember that they are temporary. Most patients adjust to having braces within two weeks, but some patients can take up to a month to adapt to their new lifestyle.  

Ultimately, summer provides a convenient and comfortable time to get braces, making it easier to adapt to any changes and make progress towards a straighter, healthier smile. 

Next Steps for Getting Braces

Additionally, beginning treatment in the summer allows patients time to get used to their braces before the holiday season, allowing them to fully enjoy festivities without worrying about the initial challenges of braces. Although some discomfort is expected with adjustments, many patients find the first one to be the most challenging. 

Are you ready to start your smile transformation this summer? Is your teenager ready to say hello to their dream smile? We want to make your braces transition as easy as possible! Learn more about our summer giveaway for new orthodontics patients.

Frequently Asked Questions

When is the best age for getting braces? 

Once a child has their full set of permanent teeth, it is a good time to come in for an orthodontic consultation. While it is most common for teenagers to get braces, it is normal for adults get braces as well.

How long do braces stay on? 

That amount of time your orthodontic treatment takes can vary based on several factors such as how overcrowded your teeth are, if you have an overbite, and how well you follow your doctor’s recommended treatment and oral care instructions. Most common treatment plans take 1 – 3 years.

Do you get braces on your first visit?

If you come in for a orthodontic consultation at our office, our Orthondist will first propose a treatment plan with costs. If you are a candidate for braces and agree to start, you will be scheduled to start braces at your next appointment. 

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